LifeStyled Club is the trusted, exclusive community for the partners of professional footballers.

As wives of ex professional footballers, we have seen the dedication that is needed to become a top athlete and we know the pressures of being judged in the public eye. We understand the challenges and sacrifices life in professional football brings, irrespective of the league your partner is in.

We have created a members only support network which brings insights, guidance and interviews from some of the most influential people, tastemakers and trendsetters. Combined with wellbeing advice and resources for during and after life in professional football, LifeStyled Club is the world’s first and only online community of its kind.

Whether you’d like to share your knowledge and experiences, promote your own business and brand via our private community, interact on our Instagram, or through LifeStyled Club’s public podcast series, LifeStyled Club affords its members an unparalleled support network for those closest to the player as well as a much-needed voice for this community.